Pool Party Update!

Dee Dee Fasquel
June 23, 2024

Pool Party Update!

Dear Pet Parents,

We promised to keep you updated on the progress of the pool and things are moving along nicely! The pool parts have shipped and we have professional assembly scheduled for the weekend of 07/13/24. The custom deck will be built soon after and then we will be officially open for business! 

I will keep you posted as things progress. In the meantime, I have answered a few questions from the initial survey below. If you have any additional inquiries, please let us know. 

Will there be someone in the pool and life jackets? Yes. We are excited to launch our Pool Party Enrichment Program with our senior team members in the pool at a 1:1 ratio—one senior employee and one dog in the pool at any given time.

Will the new pool result in a reduction of existing outdoor space? Will it be in a separate enclosed area? There will be no reduction of space. The pool will be set up in our third outdoor yard, which is rarely used. This area is enclosed with 6’ fencing, named "Pool Party" on the cameras, and the fencing will be covered with canvas tarping to shield it from the view of dogs in other play yards. .

How will the lessons work for introducing/encouraging dogs new to the water? Our Pool Party Program ensures a safe and enjoyable introduction to swimming for all dogs, especially those new to the water. Led by Stacey, our experienced Canine Academy Director, each dog undergoes a personalized assessment to gauge their comfort level and needs.During these sessions, dogs are encouraged to explore the pool environment at their own pace. We never force any dog into the water; instead, we use their favorite toys or treats to create a positive association and make the experience enjoyable. Our management team will provide one-on-one interaction, offering gentle encouragement and support tailored to each dog’s behavior and responses.

How will you dry the dogs? Will you blow them off? All dogs will be rinsed off after their swim and towel-dried as needed. This process has been effective for our existing pool parties (minus the rinse off). A post-swim bath, including a blowdry, will be available upon request for an additional fee.

What safety precautions are you taking to ensure the safety of our pups? Safety is our utmost priority at Luckydog. Here are the measures we are taking:

  • We recently held an educational meeting with our veterinary consultant to specifically cover pool safety with our entire team.
  • Only senior management will be in the pool with the dogs.
  • We are hiring a professional pool service to regularly monitor the water quality.
  • The pool will be in its own yard, surrounded by 6’ fencing, and inaccessible by other dogs. 

How will dogs get in and out of the pool? We are having a custom external deck built with stairs and matting. The internal stairs are “wedding cake style,” similar to graduated stairs in underground pools.

When do you estimate the Pool Party Enrichment will start? We have professionals scheduled to assemble the pool the weekend of July 13th. The custom external deck must be completed before we can begin using the pool, which will hopefully be soon after construction, if not ahead of time.

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