2020 – the Year in Review

Dee Dee Fasquel
January 8, 2021

As 2021 comes to a close.

Dear Pet Parents,What a year!

So much has happened in 2020 it would take me pages to discuss the challenges we faced and the struggles we overcame. Instead, I have decided to focus on the things we learned, the new processes we adopted, and the positive things that happened – because there were a lot.

Funding and Projects 🍀

I will start by giving a huge shout out to Ashley Horner and her team at Summit bank. They helped us obtain PPP funds early on which helped me to keep a large part of my team employed.

This allowed us to get a lot of projects completed included a deep clean of the entire facility, inside and out, and resealing the indoor daycare floors. We painted virtually everything including adding a few awesome murals to brighten things up.

Launch of the Luckydog Canine Academy 🍀

A major accomplishment of 2020 was Stacey Lambert becoming a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. This was a huge achievement and allowed us to launch our Canine Academy.It has been a goal of mine, since the start, to make Luckydog a fully comprehensive dog center offering nearly everything a pet parent could want in one location. This step has helped make that dream come true.

The Academy has a multitude of offerings to help improve the bond between pet parent and canine through all stages of life.

5 Play Yards – 5 video cameras 🍀

We divided our daycare yards into 5 spaces (3 outdoor and 2 indoor). This allowed us to successfully divide dogs into even smaller groups based on energy level and temperament to help better manage the pack.

We also added 3 video cameras, upping our total to 5.Being a long time former client I know first hand how important transparency is. They also happen to be quite addicting! I mean who doesn’t want to take a peek at their pup having a blast (or napping) with friends?!

Enrichment Club 🍀

We launched our Enrichment Club which has been a game changer. It has been extremely rewarding to see how engaged the dogs are during the multitude of mentally stimulating activities.

Enrichment, and the benefits it offers, are truly next level. The one-on-one time with one of our staff members in our dedicated 1,400 square foot space helps your canine build confidence in new environments, around other dogs, and with new people. Dogs in our care who regularly partake in enrichment are more engaged with the daycare handlers, have an overall calmer state of mind, and have a more personalized & wholesome daycare experience.

Daycare Divider 🍀

We added a solid divider wall in the indoor daycare space. The benefits have been substantial in that it has reduced the stress level of dogs who have barrier frustration with a traditional see-through gate. This has led to better quality play time in a fun more relaxed environment.

Lucky Spa – Welcome Mackenzie Champion 🍀

Mackenzie joined our team with 7+ years experience and an excellent portfolio. Ensuring that your pup has an enjoyable experience is a top priority. Her talents are many with special focus on her hand scissoring skills and de-shed expertise!

New Procedures We’ve Adopted 🍀

  • Early on, all employees entered into a COVID contract with Luckydog. This includes, but is not limited to, daily temp checks at home (before they come to work) and mandatory COVID testing if they present with a fever or became symptomatic. Flu shots were had by all and social distancing, sanitizer protocols, and mask wearing has been adhered to. These measures have been put in place for the safety of all parties, including you.
  • Curbside concierge pick up and drop off service – we come to you! You love it – we love it! We are allowing limited access to the lobby (masked clients, one at a time) when necessary, but we plan on continuing the curbside service when those requirements are lifted.
  • Removal of collars and harnesses at check in (with the exception of Adventure Club). The benefits are two-fold: it helps keep potential contaminants out of the building and also has streamlined the process reducing client wait times
  • Minimal belongs brought in with lodgers. This was something I had thought about since taking over due to the increased risk of contaminants entering the building. We request that pet parents only bring in food and medication. Please rest assured that I invested heavily in quality elevated beds and soft bedding for your pups. The luxury suites have taken that up a notch and have you seen the VIP suite? It’s a 180 sq ft super comfy room with a twin trundle, 50″ screen TV, and much more!

Staff Tips 🍀

We’ve added a new portable point of sale system so that it is easier to leave a gratuity at check out if you should so desire.

Luckydog Lobby & Offerings 🍀

We remodeled the lobby and added some carefully chosen items for your convenience and your dog’s enjoyment. These includes enrichment toys, treats, tough chew toys, seasonal items, and high quality food (I partnered with a board certified veterinary nutritionist in 2020, but more on that later :))

Thank you! 🍀

Finally, and most importantly, I would like to thank all of our clients for the support we received this year. The contributions from some of you have been humbling. I am not sure that I can ever express the depth my gratitude but trust me when I say it runs deep.

In Conclusion 🍀

We worked as a team, problem solved like crazy, changed course multiple times, adapted, kept our cool, made things happen, got a little lucky, and are still here to tell the tale. Bring on 2021! I have high hopes for you!

Happy New Year! Cheers! 🍀🐶❤️🥂

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