Open Friday!!!

Dee Dee Fasquel
January 21, 2024

Great news, pet parents! Hobart and the Luckydog team are thrilled to announce that we are OPEN for business Friday! Thanks to SUB utilities, it's confirmed that our location has always been safe from any recent water advisories. We have also checked the play yard and it is free of debris and ready for a dog party! We're putting Adventure Club and Riverwalks on 'paws' for a bit to ensure everything is absolutely perfect for playtime.

For our Adventure Club members, we're busy sniffing out some fun alternatives and will be in touch with you each individually soon. If you're booked for daycare tomorrow but can't join us, please drop us an email or a text to let us know. This helps us keep things running smoothly for the pups who are eager to romp and play. Hobart can't wait to see his friends again and neither can we!

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