2021 – the Year in Review

Dee Dee Fasquel
December 17, 2021

As 2021 comes to a close

Dear Pet Parents, as 2021 comes to a close I would like to highlight a few of the things that I am especially proud of this year. It takes a dedicated team to execute on our promises and I am very fortunate to work with people that are thirsty for knowledge and passionate about what they do. Nothing brings me more joy than investing in a better future and this year has been about learning and growth. I wish you all a fantastic new year and am looking forward to what 2022 has to offer.

Continuing Education

In addition to hands on training, all employees of Luckydog are required to complete a professional online program to give them the base skill set to be a safe and effective dog handler. This year we upped our commitment and are now offering the Karen Pryor Foundations Course to employees who have demonstrated a desire to further their education in this field.This course helps to hone observation and clicker skills, shape new behaviors, and develop a new level of partnership with the dogs in our care. To date, 3 members of our team have completed the course with an additional team member mid-course.Click below to learn more:

Enrichment Club

If your pup isn’t enrolled in Enrichment Club, they should be. Why?Enrichment club service provides more than fun games and cute photos; it is an excellent way to provide a break from the physical exercise experienced in the daycare group while opening an opportunity for mental stimulation.Regular, varied enrichment in a multitude of environments can help reduce overall stress in your canine companion, can help build problem solving skills and provide a foundation of confidence essential for successfully navigating their everyday life in a human world.Our enrichment service in particular has helped many pups build lasting relationships with staff members built on trust and bonding through personalized play & learning opportunities.Click below to learn more about the perks of club membership: sign up you can email us at or tell us in person next time you’re in!

Small Group Socialization

We know that a higher volume daycare environment is not the best fit for every dog. We also know that some pups need smaller steps, extra guidance and more time to feel confident, comfortable and outgoing with other dogs.We designed our small group socials to do just that; tailored to dogs with minimal, or delayed, socialization history who have the potential to become playful and confident. Guided by our certified dog trainer, each dog’s body language is monitored throughout the session, assessing stress levels and social skills while moving at a pace that allows each dog to feel comfortable in the environment. With no more than 6 dogs at a time, this is an excellent stepping stone for those who are not ready for the larger daycare play groups.Click below to learn more: us to book today! (541) 744-BARK (2275)

Puppy Preschool

Are you a new puppy parent and not sure where to begin or how to navigate through the endless information of how to raise one?Our Lucky Puppy Preschool will help start you and your puppy off on the right foot, teaching both you and your new addition how to effectively communicate with each other.Your puppy’s first several weeks home are an essential time to start early socialization, building positive experiences with new environments to create a confident canine companion. This program focuses on facilitating appropriate play and early socialization with other young, healthy puppies, all while your puppy learns a variety of essential skills & behaviors to successfully navigate their everyday life with you into adulthood.Click below to learn more: us to sign up today! (541) 744-BARK (2275) option 2

Canine Academy

Run by our certified trainer, our canine academy is based on building a strong foundation of two-way communication and understanding between humans and their canine companions.Utilizing positive reinforcement methods, we’ll dive into the reason why you may be seeing undesirable behaviors from your four-legged friend, how we can teach them more acceptable, alternative behaviors, and enrichment opportunities we can add into their daily routines that will help meet your dog’s needs to create a more behaviorally sound pup.From brushing up on household manners & learning foundational skills to working through reactivity or fearful/anxious behaviors, we can customize a training plan to suit you and your dog’s needs, strengthening your relationship along the way.Click below to learn more: us to book today! (541) 744-BARK (2275)

Lucky Spa

Did you know that regular grooming visits can build your dog’s confidence and set them up for success? Luckydog is fortunate to have two of the most skilled groomers in the area. They have nearly 2 decades of experience between them and pride themselves on quality work and a positive experience for your pup.Reservations fill up quickly and standing appointments are highly recommended.Click below to learn more: us to book today! (541) 744-BARK (2275) option 3

Luxury Upgrades

Luxury is what we do and Mr. Bubbles has set the bar high! Recently, our private Luxury Suites all received new custom pillow covers. They are high quality, durable, and super soft and comfy. The VIP Suite has all new bedding, a new extra large club chair, and all Luxury Suites and the VIP now have amazingly soft faux chinchilla rugs!We have also added a new suite to our offerings – the Open Luxury Suite! At 5′ x 10′, the Open Lux is our second largest suite and comes with a giant elevated bed with orthopedic topper, elevated bowls, and a 3′ x 5′ faux chinchilla rug. This suite is perfect for the spoiled pup who wants all of the add-ons of a Private Luxury Suite but with an open feel and view of their friends.Please be sure to reserve as far in advance as possible as our Luxury Suites book up fast!Click below to learn more: can book directly from our Luckydog App! If you haven’t already, download it today!

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