Dee Dee Fasquel Photo
Dee Dee Fasquel
Jocelyn Ruf Photo
Jocelyn Ruf
Operations Manager
Stacey Lambert Photo
Stacey Lambert
Daycare Manager, Certified Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer
Jill Hunter Photo
Jill Hunter
Senior Dog Care Specialist, Team Lead, KPA-CTP scholarship recipient, UofO Student
Laurel Parr Photo
Laurel Parr
Professionally Trained Groomer
Mandi French-Dykes photo
Mandi French-Dykes
Dog Care Specialist, Rover
Kira Tronnier Photo
Kira Tronnier
Dog Care Specialist, UofO Student
Lizzy Scales photo
Lizzy Scales
Dog Care Specialist, UofO Student

Join the Pack at Luckydog: A Place Where Dedication, Strong Work Ethic, and Excellence are Celebrated

At Luckydog, we're not just a team; we're a family united by our unwavering dedication to canine well-being. We're on the hunt for individuals who not only adore dogs but also embody the core values essential to our collective success: dedication, reliability, integrity, and an exceptional work ethic.

Here, excellence doesn’t go unnoticed. We take pride in recognizing and rewarding our top performers, ensuring that your hard work and contributions pave the way for personal and professional growth.

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